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For those who want to work independently in Japan.
Sunwork will support you at all costs.

Processing and assembly of aluminium window frames:
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Sunwork, based in Gifu Prefecture, introduces manufacturing jobs to foreign workers in Japan.
If you are not familiar with the Japanese language, or if you are worried about finding a job in Japan or a job you have no experience in, please contact us.

We can also help you to obtain the necessary qualifications for your job.
If you want to work a lot, you can choose the way you want to work according to your life plan.

Sunwork Co.
President and Representative Director

Hiroyuki Miki


We are looking for

We are looking for people who can work well with others, not just people with good Japanese language skills.

(For those who apply for processing and assembly of aluminium window frames)
In Sunwork, people of various ages, sexes and nationalities are active. There are a number of people who have no experience in the manufacturing industry and have become leaders to guide junior staff.

Our job is to "make things", but it is also important to be considerate of the people you are working with, whether they are setting up the work or doing the same work as you.
It is very important that you help them with things that they are not good at, and that they teach you things that you are not good at.

Naturally, we will give back to you the recognition and reward for your diligent efforts. Sunwork looks after each and every one of you to ensure that those who make the effort are properly rewarded.


Workplace atmosphere and culture

We support you not only at work, but also in your daily life

From the very beginning, we have been working hard to make our company a comfortable place to work for foreign nationals. Not only do we support you in your work, but we also help you to work comfortably without being bewildered by the cultural differences between your home country and Japan.
We can also help you with important documents and procedures in your daily life. We will do our best to help you to get on with your life on your own.

When we introduce you to a job, we will give you the opportunity to experience the basic tasks of the job and to visit the workplace. If you are not comfortable with Japanese, we can also provide interpretation and translation into several languages. We also provide training to give you the basic knowledge to start your job.


Drilling or cutting a hole in a part by operating a processing machine.


Screwing with an air screwdriver. Tools are handled with care.


Interpreters are available for consultation.


The office (and the site) is always clean and tidy.


Job Description

Tarui-cho, Fubuki-gun, Gifu
Job Category Processing and assembly of aluminium window frames
Type of employment Temporary worker
Job title Processing and assembly of aluminium window frames
Work in an air-conditioned building materials and housing equipment manufacturer's aluminium building materials manufacturing plant, cutting materials, processing components, fitting parts, assembling and packing.
Location 【Place of work】
Tarui-cho, Fuwa-gun,Gifu Prefecture

【Main Office】  MAP
681Osa, Tarui-cho, Fuwa-gun,Gifu
※Access:Convenient access by car Parking is available
Salary ¥ 1,280 ~¥1,330 /h
※It will increase at each contract renewal
Working hours 8:30 - 17:20 (7 hours and 50 minutes of actual work)
※60 minutes break
※Average of 1-2 hours of overtime work per day
Holidays 2 days off per week (Saturday and Sunday) and national holidays
Summer, GW, Year-end and New Year holidays: 126 days per year
※According to the factory calendar
Job Description At an aluminum building materials manufacturing plant of a building materials and housing equipment manufacturer, please work in one of the following processes: cutting of materials, processing of parts, parts installation, assembly, and packaging.

Cutting: Set products of about 5m in the machine and cut them.
Processing: Mainly operate NC processing machine (program, remove and install workpiece) to drill and cut holes in parts.
Installation: Fasten parts indicated on drawings with screws using air screwdriver or attach with adhesive.
Sealing: Seal gaps in connections to prevent water and wind from entering.
Assembly: Fix the parts with screws using an air screwdriver and assemble them without distortion.
Packing: Stacked on a cart or pallet and secured in a way that will not interfere with truck transportation to the construction site.

We are looking for    Workplace atmosphere and culture    Message
Benefits Assembly: Fix the parts with screws using an air screwdriver and assemble them without distortion.
Qualifications and education: Contract every two months, but will be renewed in principle
Special recruitment link https://websaiyou.com/sunwork-jp/detail03/
※This is the URL for our special recruitment page.
※Please copy and paste the top URL to check or register.
Company Information Head Office:Sunwork Co.
Location:681 Osa, Tarui-cho, Fuwa-gun, Gifu-ken
Establishment:October 16, 1991

How to apply Please feel free to apply using the application form or by phone (0584-22-5730)
Our office hours are 9:00-19:00 (weekdays except Sundays and public holidays, Saturdays only until 12:00)



- 【Job Title】Processing and assembly of aluminum window frames -

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